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When are results expected?

Often times the veins will appear fainter immediately after the laser treatment.   However, the time it takes your body to reabsorb (breakdown) the vein after treatment depends upon the size of the vein.    Smaller veins can take up to 12 weeks to completely resolve. Whereas larger veins may take 6-9 months to completely resolve.

What does it feel like?

For maximum comfort we use ice packs, chilled gel, and our laser is equipped with a gold-plated sapphire cooling tip to help cool your skin during the laser treatment.   With these measures the laser treatment for many people is very comfortable.   Without any comfort measures it feels very similar to a small snapping rubber-band.

What are the typical side effects?


The typical side effects of laser vein treatment are redness and slight swelling.   These side effects are very similar in appearance to small bug bites and can last up to 2 days, but usually resolve sooner.   Bruising is a rare side effect, but may occur and typically resolves in 7-10 days.

What is the down time? 


There is no down time with laser vein treatment.    However, we do advise that you avoid hot environments (hot tubs, saunas and soaking in hot baths) and high impact exercise for the 48 hours after your laser vein treatment.    This is to allow the veins to remain closed for good results from your laser treatment.

What is the cost?

The cost of laser vein treatment is based on the time spent performing the laser procedure.    The amount of time it takes for an optimal result is very individual and depends on the amount of veins present in need of treatment.     It typically takes 3-4 treatments on average for optimal results.    Again, the number of treatments needed is based on the amount of veins and size of veins needing treatment.


How long does the treatment last?

Once the veins have been successfully treated and your body has reabsorbed them they will not return.    However, because of genetics and other factors you will likely form new veins in different areas over the coming years that will need laser treatment.    These are new veins that were not previously there during your initial laser treatment.

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